House Cleaning Tips – Speed Matters!

Ali Corbett

The vast majority of people prefer organized, neat surroundings. It seems to fit our human need for predictability. Some people can thrive in varying degrees of clutter, and a few of those are clearly diagnosable and end up featured on reality-TV’s “Hoarders.” No matter where we fit on the scale of personal comfort with unorganized surroundings, house cleaning always feels like a challenge if not a complete drudge and is rarely viewed as an easy task. Anyway, here are some essential house cleaning toronto tips to consider.

Where to Start?

Once we face the need to “clean up,” we typically stumble over the crucial decision of where to start. We might respond with paralysis (“Why to bother? It’ll just come back!”) and quit before we start. Or we may actually manage to get started (“Gotta do something!”), but aimlessly start flitting from room to room with no clear plan in place and negligible results. Obviously, neither of these approaches is the answer.

Plan and Strategy

Virtually every cleaning expert recommends starting with an idea AND strategy. The approach is typically “get organized,” and the procedure is usually “start with the most cluttered room first.” Getting organized means several things. It means allocating appropriate time for the task, assembling the proper cleaning tool and supplies – cleaning solutions, mops, broom, dust rags, garbage bags.  Either you can make this work with a large, multi-pocketed smock or apron, or you just surrender and grab a plastic bin or tote that you can load up and move with you between rooms.

Everybody Helps

The organization especially means enlisting help from those “other” bipeds who populate the household, and no doubt contributed their fair share to the clutter staring back at you right now! Second, a strategy helps you decide where to start (messiest room first) and how to approach a place. One recommended in-room plan is first to tidy up the room and then begin the serious cleaning from top to bottom. Get the cobwebs and high shelf surfaces, and move downward toward the floor.

Make Space

Cleaning upper shelves and cabinets may be essential for creating the storage space for floor level items that need to be relocated. But before you start re-shelving anything, first go through everything and decide what goes and what stays. The stuff of no value should be junked, and a lot of things with value can be recycled to thrift stores or sold outright at yard sells. For the more ambitious and auction savvy family member, eBay can also be a real option – “See, that old shaving mug wasn’t completely worthless after all!”

Don’t Stop!

The final part of the strategy is not to stop until you’re done. This is why allocating enough time for the project is essential. It’s only human nature that it’s harder to restart a project than it is just to keep going. That all said, a clear overriding goal should be to employ “speed cleaning” techniques that are as quick as they are useful. This alone will significantly shift the view of house cleaning as drudgery – do it all quickly (and thoroughly), and then do the things that you really enjoy!

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