Covid 19: Lockdown of mandis, a new challenge for farmers

Ali Corbett

With lockdown introduced across states to control the spread of Covid-19, mandis exactly where farmers promote their harvest have also been closed. Throughout the nation, harvest in several crops together with wheat, mustard, chana and coriander has started out and farmers are sitting down on truckloads of grains and pulses.

In the Kharif year, quite a few farmers missing their soybean and other crops thanks to too much rains and had been waiting around for this Rabi harvest to pay back back their financial loans. But they are now experiencing a new dilemma: closed mandis and crashing selling prices. Though to begin with, most states introduced that mandis will open from April one, it now appears as if they will be closed until April 14 thanks to the nationwide lockdown. There is now the possibility of neighborhood traders exploiting tiny farmers and acquiring their produce at throwaway selling prices.


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