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Nothing can beat the excitement and adventure of holidaying at beachside destinations. However, the harsh sun rays can prove a deterrent to the fun quotient and also be detrimental to your health. Not only does prolonged exposure to the sun cause sunburn, but the penetrating power of the ultraviolet rays makes one vulnerable to skin cancer. Therefore, on beachside holidays, you must protect your family from the harmful rays of the sun. A beach cabana will ensure uninterrupted enjoyment for you and your family.

Benefits of a The Cabana Beach Chankanaab

The terms ‘beach cabana’ and ‘beach tent’ are used interchangeably as both perform the same function. In addition to providing shade from the sun, a cabana also:

•    Offers more privacy to change clothes, read or sleep

•    Is easy to assemble, especially those that come with a pop-up facility that can be set up within seconds

•    Is lightweight and portable

•    Protects toddlers from strong winds

Here are some different sorts of beach shelters:

•    Loungers With Canopies – These lightweight folding chairs come with a canopy attached. And the bonus is they also often have straps attached so you can pack them up and carry them like a rucksack. This leaves your hands free to hold the toolbox so you can move everything in one trip.

•    Fold Up Beach Cabanas – These light-weight nylon canopies are available in a range of designs and dimensions. Pick an all-in-one dome variety that includes a covering and flooring, or a half-dome variety so you can still feel the ocean breezes.

•    Tent-type Beach Cabanas – Obtainable in a variety of sizes and styles that range from a basic canopy to a full beach shelter with either vinyl or screen walls. Held up with ropes and poles for a sturdier structure.

There’s nothing better than a day out at the seaside, but a whole day out in the sun may take its toll. Employing a beach shelter to protect yourself from dangerous ultraviolet rays will ensure your time is a relaxed and healthy one. Also, they are just the thing to protect you from the cooling sea breeze should things turn a little nippy.

They are generally fitted with mesh windows that prevent sand from entering the cabana and also facilitate proper ventilation. You can also expand the seating area inside the cabana by simply unzipping the panel-like door.

These tents, if bought from a popular retail hub, will be made from marine grade fabric that will prove strong and durable. Beach tents are available in a range of sizes. You must buy it according to your needs. If you are going as a part of a big group or if you plan on carrying a lot of equipment or foodstuff, consider buying a large-sized tent; otherwise, you can select a small, compact cabana.

Post Author: Ali Corbett