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Despite all the advances that have been made in motor vehicle technology, motorists are still at risk of suffering serious injuries in the event of a car accident. Therefore it is in the best interest of all drivers to take reasonable measures to limit the likelihood of becoming involved in such a crash. While some motorists choose to pay attention to the task at hand when behind the wheel and to follow the relevant traffic laws, there are others who break them virtually every time they are driving. This is clearly illustrated upon consideration of the speed limit. Speed limits are set based on a number of different factors, including the nature of the area immediately around a roadway and the course of the road itself, and these limits exist to improve highway safety. Failure to observe posted speed limits can lead to preventable accidents and may disrupt the course of a crash victim’s life.

The Effects of Excessive Speed

Many people mistakenly believe that driving in excess of the speed limit is perfectly safe. Keeping up with the flow of traffic can be necessary at times, but it compromises the safety of everyone on the roadway when that agreed upon rate of travel is too fast. The following are some of the problems that arise in association with increased speed:

Lengthening the necessary braking distance to permit a vehicle to come to a stop
Compromised handling and impaired ability to execute turns safely
Shortened response window for drivers to adapt to changing roadway conditions
May cause a car to skid when the brakes are applied forcefully
To Learn About Your Legal Rights
You may be entitled to pursue financial compensation other than that available through a simple insurance claim if another motorist’s excessive speed caused you to be involved in a car accident. To learn about your legal rights, contact the Car Accident Attorney Kansas City.

Post Author: Ali Corbett