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Been thinking about starting a blog for your small business but just aren’t that excited about the idea of writing more? Or maybe it’s been sitting in the “someday” section of your to-do list. For the health of your business, please reconsider and do it. Small business blogs are beneficial for a lot of reasons, more than would fit in a single article you’d be likely to read to the end of. Still skeptical? Let’s consider some hard data from recent studies done on sites with blogs and without them.

HubSpot recent comparison study included over 1,500 small business websites. Half of the websites in the study had a blog and the other half didn’t. The findings were pretty amazing. The websites with a blog had 55% more visitors, 97% more inbound links, and 434% more pages than those that didn’t. In a separate, study websites with blogs generated 67% more leads than those without them. Which website would you rather have advertising your product or service? The one with a blog or without one?

Small business blogging serves two main purposes:

1. Blogging can provide a significant boost in your website’s performance in the online searches. They encourage people to visit and revisit your site because new content is constantly being added. More site traffic means a greater chance to engage potential customers and convert them to customers. Local SEO Brisbane Having great content encourages other sites to link to yours. Exponentially more inbound links often means way better search engine rankings.

Blogs let you add lots of pages to your website that are full of great information. From the search engines’ points of view each blog post counts as a separate page. More pages generally equal better rankings in the online searches. From a search engine optimization standpoint you can’t lose. Just remember, in order to take advantage of the aforementioned benefits the blog must be hosted on your website and not off-site on Blogger or WordPress.

2. Blogging gives you the ability to connect with and share information with target market. With a blog you can share the latest developments in your industry, announce new services or product lines, or share events you’re sponsoring. The possibilities for sharing up-to-date information are big.

Blogs also give you the chance to interact with your audience on a more personal level. You can open up the hood a bit on who you are and why you do what you do in your business. There’s nothing wrong with posting about your weekend trip to the lake or putting up a picture of your new puppy. Customers want to feel a personal connection with the people they do business with. Blogging makes you approachable and can turn customers into fans. Fans spread the word about companies they love and business growth often follows.

Post Author: Ali Corbett