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Do you fit laser treatment? You may be thinking of this procedure as the solution to your unwanted hair. This method of hair removal is the product of the innovative laser advances. This procedure can improve your physical appearance and self-confidence. When you’ve finally decided to go for this procedure other than hair removal at home, check whether you’re a good candidate for it. Take time to determine if the procedure is right for you by assessing some factors that affects its results. Below are factors to consider in laser hair removal:

• Hair and skin color. The natural coloring of your skin and hair is a factor to check on in considering this treatment. You’ll see the best results in laser Microdermabrasion procedure if you’ve got darker hair and lighter skin. On the other hand, you’ll have less effective results if your skin is darker and hair is lighter. Those with blond, red, or grey hair will see ineffective results of laser hair removal because these hair types respond less to laser. As new laser innovation is introduced, latest techniques become more effective in laser procedure even if you’ve got darker skin and lighter hair. Meanwhile, outdated hair removal using laser could have negative effects on the dark-skinned people. Ask the laser technician on how the laser hair removal and your skin and hair color can affect the results of the procedure. Based from the procedure done, you may be advised to avoid skin tanning before and after the treatment. When you get sunburned, the procedure will have to be delayed until your skin has fully healed from the sunburn.

• Hair coarseness. Aside from your skin and hair color, skin coarseness shall be determined. This can also affect the results of the procedure on you. Coarse and thick hair is easier to remove than fine and thin hair. Fine hair may need more treatment than coarse hair. In most cases, unwanted hair on the face may not be responsive to laser treatments.

• Physical health. Aside from hair and skin characteristics, your physical health needs checked by your doctor. You need to be physically fit before undergoing this treatment. In addition, never attempt to undergo laser treatment if you’re pregnant. People taking medications, supplements, herbal supplements and others are also advised to see their doctor for medical advice. They may be suggested to delay hair removal treatment until they stop taking any supplements or medications. Take note: be extra careful when considering laser hair removal if you’re taking anti-acne medications.

Taking extra precautionary measures and making an informed decision saves you from any health problems. Consult your healthcare provider prior to undergoing laser treatment. Make a wise decision by pre-determining whether you pass certain requirements to be an ideal candidate for laser treatment.

Post Author: Ali Corbett