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There are many types of industry in the market that require a host of All Lifting equipment. The construction industry alone needs a wide range of machineries that can hoist up loads for building a house, office lot or any property. Bridges and tunnels require a host of materials and tools that need to be lifted up to another floor or height for further processing.

Types of equipment

There is a wide range of assets and machinery that required various components to ensure a successful functioning. These different components are put together to form a full operational machinery. These include flat webbing slings, polyester round slings, load restraint equipment, fiber products, wire rope and fittings.

Flat webbing slings are usually manufactured based on the BSEN1492-1-2000 standard. These lifting equipment are made of polyester webbing that range between one inch wide (25mm) and twelve inches wide (300mm). Such equipment can take on loads between 500kg and 12 ton safely. They are normally used for general purpose applications.

Polyester round slings form another type of lifting equipment made of extremely strong polyester fiber. These pieces may have an abrasion resistant fabric casing that is made from woven polyester. These round slings are lightweight with an extreme flexibility that offers a high degree of protection to the load. Hence, loads are not easily damaged regardless of the most awkward size or shape. Polyester round slings can take on a load between 1 and 40 tons.

Load restraint equipment controls the whole load with ratchet straps that cater to light duty (25mm wide) or heavy duty (75mm wide) loads. Additional components such as load binder chains and other types of lifting equipment accessories can be attached for a particular application. These accessories can be of a higher tensile or using alloy steel.

Application lifting equipment

There are many types of fiber lifting equipment such as ropes that are made of synthetics. The more common materials are nylon, polypropylene and polyester which are made into strong ropes, twines, polypropylene bundling cords and sisal of various sizes. These lifting ropes can form slings and other types of assemblies that are found in engineering, manufacturing and construction industries.

Manufacturers of lifting equipment are constantly producing various types of equipment that would fit the myriad of applications in the market. These include manual hoists and lever hoists which can be used in the construction industry especially where property is concerned.

Trolleys can come in many forms to cater to the building industry such as geared, plain or push depending on the type of load to be lifted. Some trolleys may need a clamp for extra support on the heavier load.

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