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Statistics entails learning from available data. Good statistical knowledge helps one to utilize proper methods in the collection, analysis of data and presentation of results.

Statistical finance is the implementation of econophysics in financial markets.

Statistics helps in the creation of knowledge from what is already known to the unknown.

Applications of Statistics in Finance

Financial analysts apply statistics to analyze, evaluate and summarize large chunks of data into a more useful form.

Individuals in credit modelling utilize statistical knowledge in logistic regression, correlation, weights of evidence, dimension reduction and so forth.

Portfolio management and pricing requires that one is equipped with good knowledge in the distribution of risks in a portfolio.

The detection of fraud will also require the utilization of several statistical model.

Basic Statistical Areas

From the above, it is evident that financial professionals need to equip themselves with the basics of statistics. The basic areas include:

  1. The meaning of average
  2. The meaning of an outlier
  3. Hypothesis testing
  4. Paired Sample t-test
  5. Chi-square statistics
  6. the meaning of quantitative variables
  7. standard deviation
  8. variance
  9. center of a distribution
  10. 10.               variable types
  11. calculation of the expected mean
  12. regression
  13. calculation of the mode, median, and quartiles

the basics of statistics lays down a perfect foundation for financial statistics.

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