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Know What to Write

History recalls that it all started with a word, however, that in no way, takes away the power of numbers in our existence and live, because even the very words we use are calculated into single digit numerical values. Which then proves to us that the way we present numbers and calculations in our copy can achieve a lot.  Because then, in truth, this would imply that the way we refer to numerals influences how our readers perceive us and understand your copy. Copywriters would know of the countless number of rules that govern grammar and style guides, including the use of numbers and symbols.  So don’t squander your marketing and its communication. Know when to use numbers instead of words in your copy, make it easier for your reader to say yes! We’ve listed a few pros, here goes: 

1# numbers are compelling

It’s usually tricky for readers to grasp calculations, and massive amounts are typically lost in the copy. Numbers are more memorable. And that doesn’t just imply money. Your business can make time, and saving more meaningful by giving it context. For instance: Get to work 10 minutes earlier, verses get to work ten minutes prior. 

2# Numerals adds credibility to copy

Should you want your copywriting to be more believable, remember that the magic is in the detail! There’s research from Stanford business school to prove this case, the outcome was that of all ideas that “stick” use digits and specific facts rather than broad statements or copy. Rather than you could save money on your next shopping bill, Rather phrase it as save $95? And instead of saying “more than 200,000 people have requested our service,” be precise in saying: Join the 200,654 people using our app this winter.

3# Reasons why using numbers works 

Copywriting is smart; however, numbers are easily understood with readers, they’re easier to scan take 44 + 60 versus forty-four plus sixty, as an example 5,999 versus five thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine. Or the usual buy 1 get one free, versus buy one get one free

4# Rules that govern percentages and dollar values

Monetary values, especially large ones, are much easier to read in numbers, for instance, $5,000 or 5K versus five-thousand dollars. Think about it, even “5c” is easier to read than “5 cents.” So you would agree that percentages are a lot harder to digest, and takes our brains longer to work it out. In truth, the only reason we write is to impact the reader, so the harder we make it for our readers understand our copy, the less likely they are to bite. Our tip is for you not bury the good news with a percentage.

5# Do the calculations for your reader

It puts a lot more power and brings clarity to your copywriting. Doing calculations on behalf of your clients, it will do wonders for yourdigital marketing conversion rate. Ask the multiple numbers of businessman and woman who’ve reaped the rewards from employing such tactics.  This little trick gives your numbers a superpower. Here’s an example: In 1898, Elias Dichabe Diale, was born in the late Sofia Town which was previously situated centred of the city of Johannesburg. I mean, we could give you a number of reasons why this works verses that, but we suggests that you try it out for yourself and watch the difference in your conversions. So we encourage that you take the extra steps to close their knowledge gap (and keep them reading). In the process, you’ll add some credibility to your message.


Numbers are not for all of us, and in most instances, some even start receiving blurry visions at the sight of these numerical figures. While some people can do the calculation in their sleep. So employing these tactics makes it easier for your customers to quickly say yes. An don’t forget the rules that govern how we should write numbers like the one that stipulates that we should spell out zero through to nine and that we shouldn’t start sentences with numerals, lastly, spell out the word  “percent,” instead of using the % symbol.

Post Author: Ali Corbett